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My name is Abhivardhan.
I am an Entrepreneur and a Technology Law Futurist. 
This is my personal website & blog.

Speaking and Research interests

Indo-Pacific, technology law, disruptive technology ethics & policies, artificial intelligence governance, global governance, sustainable development, digital connectivity and public international law.
Indian Society of Artificial Intelligence and Law
The Bharat Pacific
Gold Abstract

Mentored and nurtured a thriving community.

Students and professionals from institutions of global importance.

*Solely intended for illustrative and representational purposes

What Do I Do?

Glad you asked.

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I consult technology, legal and policy professionals to help them solve complex problems.

I contribute quality research to the AI policy and ethics industry.

I mentor law, policy and technology students for their academic, skill & career choices.

I build brands in the law and policy arenas, like The Bharat Pacific, Visual Legal Analytica and others.

Indic Pacific Legal Research

Indic Pacific Legal Research

Managing Partner

Head of Research & Innovation

Vidhitsa Law Institute of Global and Technology Affairs (VLiGTA®)

Indian Society of Artificial Intelligence and Law

Indian Society of Artificial Intelligence and Law [Charitable Trust]

Founder, Chairperson & Managing Trustee

Let's connect

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Speaking invitations and engagements

Invitation to contribute to publications and blogs

Consulting on Legal Innovation and Technology Law Services

Mentoring / Guiding / Helping Aspiring Entrepreneurs in fields such as Law, Digital Technologies, Cultural Economics, International Relations and Public Policy


Abhivardhan has cultivated a set of law and policy brands over the course of 5+ years of his entrepreneurial journey and career as a technology law evangelist, in digital media, podcasting, legal innovation and law & policy.