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Entrepreneur. Technology Law Futurist. Author.

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About me

Abhivardhan is the Chairperson & Managing Trustee of the Indian Society of Artificial Intelligence and Law and the Founder of VLiGTA®. Abhivardhan possesses research competence and experience of international technology law, global governance, corporate innovation and cultural intelligence. 

Abhivardhan is a regular contributor to various law, technology and policy magazines and blogs. He is an author of “AI Ethics and International Law: An Introduction” (2019), published by BPB. 

His research & entrepreneurial focus is around the Indo-Pacific region's priorities on legal and policy innovations, which is also a part of his work at VLiGTA®. 

Abhivardhan has authored various papers on international technology law and even authored as well as edited many books so far in the realms of public international law and international law & artificial intelligence.

His speaking and research interests lie in Indo-Pacific, disruptive technology ethics & policies, artificial intelligence governance, Indo-european culture & music, global governance, sustainable development, digital connectivity and public international law.


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