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Poems and Essays.

Read the poems, stories and essays written by Abhivardhan.


Abhivardhan writes about various topics, ranging from international technology law to even nuances of philosophy and entrepreneurship. 

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Non-fiction | Technology Law

AI Ethics and International Law [2019]

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Non-fiction | International Law

Global Customary International Law Index: A Prologue

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Research | Technology Law

2020 Handbook on AI and International Law

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Research | Indo-Pacific

Regularizing Artificial Intelligence Ethics in the Indo-Pacific, GLA-TR-002

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Research | Technology Law

Deciphering Artificial Intelligence Hype and its Legal-Economic Risks, VLiGTA-TR-001

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Research | Technology Law

2021 Handbook on AI and International Law

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Research | Indo-Pacific

India-led Global Governance in the Indo-Pacific, GLA-TR-003

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