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Release of AIACT.IN | First Artificial Intelligence Bill Proposed for India

In my career of 5 years as being a part of the #artificialintelligence and #technologylaw industry, I have faced various challenges.

Among those challenges was always answering this one question:

It is fine to publish endless papers or ideas on artificial intelligence ethics. But how can you solve the ethical, legal & policy problems arising out of artificial intelligence?

This is why I drafted one of India's firsts Artificial Intelligence (Development & Regulation) Bill, 2023, for #Bharat.

In this proposal for a New AI Strategy for India, co-authored by the talented expert Akash Manwani, this 171-page proposal by Indic Pacific Legal Research LLP suggests a two-fold approach to the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India Official:

1. We literally proposed the creation of a fresh AI strategy. The NITI Aayog's National Strategy on AI (2018) is, with due respect, ineffective in addressing the issues of the mid-2020s, and a new strategy was warranted.

For the AI Strategy with a 16-point proposal, we express our gratitude to Sanjay Notani, Bogdan Grigorescu & Shirsha Ray Chaudhuri from the Advisory Council and Pavithra Manivannan, Kailash Chauhan, Rishabh Bezbaruah, Tushar Sharma, Samridhi Jain, Mr Indrasen Poola and Hari Shivan from the AIGA Research & Development Committee of the Indian Society of Artificial Intelligence and Law for their amazing insights and suggestions.

2. We literally proposed a draft Artificial Intelligence (Development & Regulation) Bill, 2023 at a national level, with certain provisions dedicated to:

- Risk-based stratification and technical classification of artificial intelligence systems

- Insurance policy for the use, deployment and commercialisation of AI systems

- Content provenance and watermarking of AI-generated content (hashtag#generativeAI)

- Intellectual property protections related to use of AI with a spatial approach

- Countering artificial intelligence hype (AI and competition law)

and many more aspects.

We have rigorously examined the Biden Administration's Executive Order on AI, the EU's Artificial Intelligence Act, China's 3 laws on artificial intelligence, the G7 Hiroshima Principles on AI, the UNESCO Recommendations on AI, and the Bletchley Declaration on AI Safety.

You can find the complete document here: |

Again, special thanks to the efforts of Bhavana J and Sanad Arora for their amazing contributions to the technical reports we published for VLiGTA® since mid-2021 on #AI and #Law.

We hope this proposal contributes something meaningful to India's technology policy ecosystem and promotes digital and algorithmic sovereignty.


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