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Article: The Need to Reinvent India's Regulatory Capacity & Intelligence for Artificial Intelligence

I am glad to have contributed a #coverstory insight for the IMC Journal by IMC Chamber Of Commerce and Industry (IMC)on the Need to Reinvent India's Regulatory Capacity & Intelligence for Artificial Intelligence.

Find the article below.

Abhivardhan - IMC Journal 2023
Download PDF • 292KB

Here is a summary of my analysis.

🔍 Transparency and Safety in AI Applications: A Central Concern for Emerging Markets

The opacity surrounding the commercial viability and safety of many AI use cases underscores the urgency for sector-specific standardization. While enforcing existing regulations, starting with data protection and processing, is crucial, a cookie-cutter approach mimicking Western frameworks won't suffice. This sentiment is echoed by tech leaders from India's prominent unicorns and start-ups.

🌐 An Opportunity for India to Lead Global AI Ethics Discourse

While India actively engages in the global AI ethics dialogue, there's a noticeable gap in recognizing India's contributions. The narrow focus of Western European and North American think tanks can isolate India, hindering its collaboration in vital technology policy engagements within Asia. India's commitment to the Indo-Pacific Quad partnership offers a unique chance for meaningful collaboration, enhancing shared objectives within the Quad.

🤖 The Regulatory Appetite for Governing AI Activities

Despite legislative strides in digital sovereignty, connectivity, drones, and data protection, India's AI and Law discourse requires significant transformation. Current discussions primarily revolve around data protection and the liabilities of digital intermediaries. The proposed frameworks, in line with the Digital Personal Data Protection Act, 2023, and the Digital India Act, address data management but fall short in focusing on AI regulation. This is why I had proposed the AI Bill (read

🔒 The Role of the National Data Management Office (NDMO)

The NDMO's role is pivotal in promoting data quality standards affecting the ethical standards of AI systems. However, its current focus primarily centers on data quality, processing, and management. While some measures align with data-related legal management, it's essential to distinguish between data management and AI regulation. This necessitates a distinctive approach that caters to India's unique AI landscape.

🌐 Navigating International Legal Treaties and Protecting Indian Data

Concerns arise about the potential impact of international treaties on India's national data repositories. A robust AI regulatory framework is crucial to safeguard Indian data from foreign interference. Recent free trade agreements (FTAs) should be scrutinized for compatibility with this goal.


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