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AI & Law Conference 2022 | Campus Law Centre, DU

Just recently, I had attended the 3rd International Conference on #AI and #internationallaw by the Campus Law Centre, Faculty Of Law, University of Delhi at the invitation of Dr Pankaj Chaudhary, PRAGATI DHAWAN and team.

Poulomi Chatterjee from VLiGTA | Indic Pacific also joined me in the conference.

It was a pleasure to co-chair the 2nd Panel on AI Governance and Defence Studies, including the themes involving the use of lethal autonomous weapons. There were some interesting discussions, from assessing the role of NATO's powers under Art 5 of their treaty on AI procurement to India's AI policy avenues.

The Indian Society of Artificial Intelligence and Law, with utmost pleasure was also the Think Tank Partner for the Conference, especially for the 2nd Panel.

I thank the organisers for the humble invitation. Looking forward to more CLC conference editions in future. :)


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