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GLACon 2022 Flagship Panel

In the Flagship Panel for #GLACon2022, it was a privilege to discuss about #indianforeignpolicy, the design of strategic and competitive autonomies of India, Europe and East Asia. I have to admit this was the best discussion I ever had on #indiandiplomacy and #geopolitics. We related the talk with our panel on #russia and #easterneurope with Dr Anand V, Saurabh Todi and Velina Tchakarova we had yesterday.

We had to conclude at the point where we had stated that the implications of the erstwhile #G2 between US and China is shaping the Indo Pacific very much, which leads me to announce that I will declare a follow up talk with Akshobh, Jyotsna, Surya, Rishap and of course, Ruchir.

You can watch this discussion at


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